Apocalyptic Adventure Time


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Just a quick post pointing out the remains of a subway station in Mortal Folly!

Finn and Jake entering what’s clearly an abandoned subway (metro/underground train station).

The bodies appear to be wearing coats and hats. According to the Adventure Time wiki, Pendleton Ward stated that these skeletons “were supposed to feel like they were east coast commuters… all bundled up for the winter.” East coast commuter— New York City, Philadelphia, and possibly D.C. 

City Remains

As mentioned in my last post, there’s an entire city underwater in “Ocean of Fear”. What other episodes show remnants of Earth’s cities?

The episode “Heat Signature” offers a couple of hints. The title card shows a background of a burned out city, with Finn sitting on an old billboard. 

The ghosts in “Heat Signature” take Finn and Jake to the top of an old beat up hospital. There’s a landing pad on top with a wrecked helicopter. 

Another scene from “Heat Signature”. 

Extent of Damage to Earth

This zoomed out image of earth only shows for a split second in “The Real You”, but as you can see, there’s a huge chunk of the world missing.

Parts of an entire city are underwater in “Ocean of Fear”. 

It seems the seas were also effected. In “The Other Tarts,” when Jake and Finn pass through the Desert of Doom, whale bones and ships are clearly seen.

Ships and whales.

Finn and Jake walk through the head of a whale.

Did the nuclear damage blow off a piece of the earth? Did rapid climate change revert cities to be at sea level, and seas into deserts? 

Adventure Time Theme

The first post is going to be a few quick screenshots of the Opening Theme, a pretty obvious indicator of the Mushroom War.

This now-iconic opening shot embodies everything the land of Ooo is riddled with: Nuclear weapons, zombies, melee weapons, ‘human junk’, and even a mutated skull. It’s clear that there are many layers to what’s going on.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the Mushroom War is that it seems to have gone through many phases after the initial nuclear bombing. The whole series is filled with arrows and swords, indicated that perhaps after the bombs fell, humans went back to more primitive methods of war. I could see the last of the humans duking it out with arrows and rocks. It reminds me of a famous Einstein quote, 'I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones'. It's clear from Finn's lifestyle that melee weapons are still in favor, and from the fact that there isn't much electricity to go around. Anything non-living is usually powered by 'magic'. 

Analyzing the Mushroom War

Adventure Time has a rich setting that goes pretty much under the radar for the most part. The popular cartoon series is littered with references to “the Mushroom War”, which one can assume is a nuclear war. Finn is the last human, and there are mutants and remnants all over the Land of Ooo about what used to be human society as we know it. This blog will serve to document and analyze the apocalypse that led to what the series is today. It’s rare that a kids cartoon has so much going on underneath the seemingly simple storylines. I’ll be posting screen caps of episodes for the most part. Please enjoy!